Observations about observational painting.

I'm working on a painting idea that involves observational painting - ideally in my imagination there are photo realistic components in the image. I'm getting started, just a couple hours in and wanted to share a few thoughts/notes to self: 

Observational drawing seems to overlap quite a bit with mindfulness/meditation practice.  

It is a constant process of noting how you perceive something, and then realizing how far off your perception is, and then adjusting and re-recording. There seem to be an infinite number of refinements that can be made to bring my notes closer to the reality that I see. 

What I see is always changing even if I am looking at the same thing. 

Nature/life is far more beautiful and amazing when I slow down and really look at it, and see how much I am missing. 

I like that there is a feeling of progressing towards some concrete visual goal, but I also like that this concrete place will be within the more open unpredictable space of my typical painting style.